The Idiots' Guide to Highways Maintenance

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This is the launching off point to many web pages of information relevant to highways maintenance, organised under broad highways maintenance categories, that relate to the many disciplines involved in highways maintenance.

Hopefully providing useful practical information, but with reference to the relevant technical specifications, reports, manuals and design guides.
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aggregate properties, specification and testingAggregate Properties,
the nature of important properties that  aggregate should have, and how to specify and test.
bitumen viscosity, specification and testingBitumen Viscosity,
a guide to specifying the viscosity / grade of bitumen for a particular bituminous mixture and site, and how to test for viscosity.
a guide to various bituminous mixtures used in a road pavement and as a surfacingBituminous Mixtures,
broad descriptions of the
various bituminous mixtures, their properties, and the specifying of these mixtures in the UK.
BS PD 6691 guidance on British Standard bituminous mixturesGeneric "Thin" Bituminous Mixtures,
guidance on British Standard bituminous mixtures that can be laid 40mm. thick, or slightly less.
the importance of bituminous mixture temperaturesBituminous Mixture Temperatures,
the importance of temperature in relation to any thermoplastic material.
hot rolled asphalt surface/wearing courseHot Rolled Asphalt
and Precoated Chippings
guidance on how to lay it, and specify it
Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) surface/wearing course.Stone Mastic Asphalt
guidance on how to specify it, and lay it.

bituminous asphalt recycling"Asphalt" Recycling,
 or any bituminous mixture previously used in a highway pavement.
surface dressingSurface Dressing,
a great deal of information that you should know about surface dressing if you are using this process.
road surfacing with slurry macadam, micro asphaltSlurry Macadam / Micro Asphalt,
i.e. slurry sealing with larger aggregate for surface treatment highway surfacing.
thermoplastic white line road markingsThermoplastic
Road Marking,

guidance on the process and how to specify it.
road surface skid resistance testingSkid Resistance,
information relating to the skid resistance of a road surface.
How to obtain a high skid resistance, and how to specify it.
road salt winter maintenance gritting Winter Service / Maintenance, 
a guide to winter gritting using crushed rock salt, the various specifications, and codes of practice.
high friction surfacing Skid Resistant /
High Friction Surfacing,

information on both hot and cold applied methods.
footway slurry sealing with bitumen emulsionFootway
Slurry Sealing

the theory and practice.
basic guidance on concreteConcrete,
basic information relating to concrete, its nature, and simple design information
Caculating spread rates of most Highways Materials, including bituminous mixtures.Calculating
Rates of Spread
Highways Materials
Sampling highways materialsSampling Materials used in
Highways  Construction
Highways Maintenance
Bitumen Macadam / Asphalt ConcreteBitumen Macadam
Asphalt Concrete) Bituminous Mixtures
(BS 4987 / BS EN 13108-1)

Recommended reading.
Hot Rolled Asphalt bituminous mixturesHot Rolled Asphalt
Bituminous Mixtures
(BS 594 / BS EN 13108-4)

Recommended reading.